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John Reid - Lead Trumpet - KC and the Sunshine Band

John Reid, lead trumpet player for KC and the Sunshine Band has chosen Denis Wick mouthpieces to compliment his repitoire of equipment. John has selected both, the DW4882-MM4C (Maurice Murphy signature series)and the DW4882-4E. Both of these fabulous mouthpieces give him what he needs to achieve his sound. The demands of playing lead in a well known band and the Denis Wick mouthpieces, gives him an advantage like he's never had before ! ________________________________________________________________________ His brother Steve, well known trumpet player for the Brian Setzer orchestra, is also playing on the DW4882-MM4C. Here's a bit of a bio of Steve: ________________________________________________________________________ After moving to Los Angeles in 2002, Steve joined KC and the Sunshine Band. For three years he played lead and solo trumpet on over 100 dates a year in cities all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. Along with the extensive live performance schedule, this band appeared on many daytime and late night talk television shows including Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, Graham Norton, and the Today Show among others. Steve has completed his second year with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. While on tour, this band has been featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show, the Today Show, the Rachel Ray Show, and the Tony Danza Show among others. Most recent recording credits include a national television spot for Ritz crackers currently airing in the states. Steve recently recorded for Javon Jackson, Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond's grammy nominated album, "Free to Worship". As a freelance musician in southern California, Steve works regularly with various artists and acts playing a variety of musical styles.

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